Sober and Shredded After 50 | Jeff Sutherland of Midlife Fit Club

Jeff Sutherland is a successful certified fitness coach, social media content creator, sober athlete, and founder of Midlife Fit Club, a popular fitness app and community.

Jeff specializes in helping those in the mid-life age group transform their physique and "defy age stereotypes" through functional strength training, clean/sustainable nutrition, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.Jesse and Jeff talk about why Jeff chose to quit alcohol at 51, how the decision has changed his life for the better, and how faith and relationships help him to maintain his sobriety and happiness. Jeff shares his fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle philosophy that got him sober and shredded over 50, and believes anyone can achieve the same results with the right mindset and commitment.

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- Alcohol can have a negative impact on all aspects of life and revolve around everything one does.

- Having a strong mindset is crucial in quitting alcohol and maintaining sobriety.

- Sharing one's story on social media can be a powerful form of accountability.

- Alcohol is not necessary for celebration; joy and connection can be found without it.

- Quitting alcohol can lead to reaching a higher level in fitness, mental health, and overall well-being.

- Authenticity and approachability are key factors in building a following on social media.

- A high-protein, whole foods diet and consistency in workouts are more important than counting calories or following fads.

- Strength training four days a week, focusing on different muscle groups, and incorporating cardio through brisk walking and kettlebell swings can lead to great results.

- Faith and positive relationships play a significant role in personal growth and well-being.


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03:30 - Reasons for Quitting Drinking

07:25 - Factors Influencing the Decision to Quit Alcohol at 51

09:02 - The Impact of Sobriety on Relationships

11:32 - Exploring the Reasons Behind Drinking Habits

16:58 - The Power of Accountability and Community

23:18 - The Misconceptions and Benefits of Sobriety

26:43 - Building a Following and Inspiring Others

31:23 - The Journey to Sobriety and Fitness

35:03 - Jeff's Fitness Journey and Dealing with Haters

35:46 - Setting Fitness Goals and Achieving Results

36:41 - The Positive Impact of Fitness on Jeff's Life

37:27 - Nutrition Recommendations and Overcoming Overwhelm

43:22 - Jeff's Training Routine and Focus on Full-Body Workouts

44:34 - Cardio through Kettlebell Swings and Brisk Walking

47:49 - Building Meaningful Relationships through Faith

53:56 - Continued Growth, Betterment, and Helping Others