Bulletproof Your Sobriety with a Daily Routine | Matt Williams of FroPro Snack Bars

Matt Williams is the founder of FroPro, a national clean-food company that makes protein-rich snack bars with organic nut butter and plant-based protein.  Matt is also a Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) with a double masters in education and counseling. He is host of Wake Up the Sun, a weekly podcast devoted to exploring how successful people build routine, ritual, and consistency in their lives.

Once a promising educator and sports coach in a small idyllic Florida town, Matt saw his career, and his reputation, come to a screeching stop after an auto accident that resulted in a DUI and near-jail sentence.  Humbled and exposed, Matt slowly pieced his life back together through humility, consistent effort, and as he will tell you, 'with a little help from some friends'.

Matt is now a happily married, successful entrepreneur and sober evangelist who celebrated 14 years of sustained sobriety just before the recording of this episode. He shares his perspective for healthy living and his daily rituals for optimal health and sustained sobriety.

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Matt Williams (Founder) and his wife Chelsea Williams (CEO) of FroPro Snack Bars
  • A dramatic fall can be the catalyst to lifelong sobriety.
  • A support system is crucial in the journey to sobriety.
  • The incredible impact of benevolent figures in the justice system
  • The fear of forgetting loved ones and the pressure to live up to their expectations can be powerful motivators in recovery.
  • Surrounding oneself with supportive people and seeking help are crucial in maintaining sobriety.
  • Effort, consistency, and gratitude are key in staying on the path of recovery.
  • Daily routines that include prayer, journaling, exercise, and healthy eating can contribute to overall well-being.
  • Setting and working towards personal and professional goals can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment
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