Powerlifting, Rebellious Youth, Multi-Year Addiction, and Freedom Through Love and Lifting - Mike Weshnak | Live Fit Break Free 3

Mike Weshnak: Powerlifting, Rebellious Youth, Multi-Year Addiction, and Freedom Through Love and Lifting

Mike Weshnak is a New Jersey-based competitive powerlifter, skateboarder, husband, father and real estate professional. Mike joins us on LFBF episode 3 to share his incredible journey, from rebellious youth on the Jersey Shore, through years of active addiction, to marriage, fatherhood, and celebrating 8 years of sobriety this January. 

In this episode, Mike shares his journey from a younger, party lifestyle in San Diego, to descending into the depths of addiction, and eventually finding his purpose and freedom through powerlifting and his family. Mike discusses the impact of addiction on his relationships, and the turning point that led him to seek help. Mike also talks about his deep passion for powerlifting and how it has become intertwined with his recovery journey. Mike is a walking testimony of personal growth and transformation. 

Addiction can lead to a secret life and alter egos, causing a disconnect between one's true self and the image presented to others. Support from loved ones, especially a partner, can play a crucial role in recovery and provide motivation to change. Powerlifting can serve as a positive outlet and source of discipline for individuals in recovery, offering a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Gratitude and acceptance of one's past experiences, even the difficult ones, can contribute to personal growth and resilience. 


  • 00:00 Early Years and Move to San Diego
  • 01:02 Party Lifestyle in San Diego
  • 01:58 Moving Back Home and Descending into Addiction
  • 03:29 Secret Life and Alter Egos
  • 05:34 The Worst Years of Addiction
  • 06:13 Surviving and Basic Needs
  • 07:45 Impact on Relationships
  • 09:16 The Turning Point and Seeking Help
  • 11:41 Entering Detox and Finding Hope
  • 13:09 Challenges in Recovery
  • 15:26 Support from Loved Ones
  • 19:50 Introduction to Powerlifting
  • 21:59 Powerlifting as a Sport
  • 25:23 The Intensity of Heavy Lifts
  • 26:54 Nutrition and Powerlifting
  • 29:43 Advice to Younger Self
  • 34:00 Challenges Faced
  • 38:10 Overcoming Obstacles
  • 40:01 Strategies For Continued Success

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