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20+ Goal Oriented Workout Programs, expert coaching, and more. Choose based on equipment, experience, and fitness goals. Lifetime access just $39.99.



Get leaner? Lift heavier? Run farther? We’ve got you covered with the Altum Fitness App. Search by equipment, experience, and goal, and get after it. Our portfolio of 20+ fitness programs is constantly expanding.

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Cut back drinking? Take a digital detox? Meditate more? We’ve got a science-based habit change program to strengthen mental wellness and resilience.


Easy to Use Workout Tracker

Thorough video tutorials of 1,000+ exercises

Built-in customizable rest timer

Track sets and reps; compete with yourself over time

Alternate exercises included; choose your training!

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Calorie and macro calculator for custom recommendations

Daily calorie log and food journal for tracking and sharing

Integrate seamlessly with MyFitnessPal, Chronometer, and more

Coming spring 2024: AI-based recipe guides and shopping lists

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Calorie and macro calculator for custom recommendations

Daily calorie log and food journal for tracking and sharing

Integrate seamlessly with MyFitnessPal, Cronometer, and more

Coming spring 2024: AI-based recipe guides and shopping lists

Vibrant, Motivated Community

Get answers from expert coaches in exclusive goal-oriented fitness forums

Conquer habits such as alcohol and social media using our science-based programs

Attend virtual meetups and connect with like-minded people

Access exclusive Altum Fitness and Live Deep content

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Altum's commitment to veterans.

You served, now let us serve you. Altum Fitness is committed to helping our nation's veterans break the chains of unhealthy habits through the power of fitness and community. Our Altum Fitness Community + App membership is discounted for verified veterans.

A percentage of all profits are donated to organizations who support Veterans physical and emotional fitness.


When I join Altum Fitness, what am I getting?

When you join Altum for free, you gain full access to our community, newsletter, courses, and more.  If improving fitness is your goal, you can opt into our Altum Fitness app.

Altum Fitness App: With Altum Fitness, you can choose goal-based workout programs designed to help you get fitter, stronger, and more energized. You can sync health data from wearables like Apple Health and Garmin, and our in-workout tracker includes step-by-step videos and tutorials. There are also various resources to teach you the fundamentals of fitness nutrition, resistance training, cardio training, and more. 

Altum Community: Our supportive community, habit change courses, expert coaches, fitness forums, live events, and more are free to help you cut back or eliminate various unhealthy habits from your life, should you choose.

How much does this cost?

Our membership is FREE. You can also enjoy full, lifetime access by opting into our fitness app for just one payment of $39.99. No subscriptions: pay once, and you're in...forever. If you are a veteran or active duty personnel, you can get access at a discounted price.

Do I have to use the Community?

No. We offer both Altum Community and Altum Fitness together under one subscription because we believe that fitness, community, and habit change can enhance your overall well-being in powerful ways. However, we want you to use our services in a way that adds the most value to your life.

While you have access to both with your fitness app access, you are not obligated to use both. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and your priorities may differ from others'.

Will there be a training program that aligns with MY goals and experience level?

Absolutely! Altum Fitness offers a diverse range of workout programs tailored to meet a variety of goals and experience levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a solid fitness foundation, an intermediate enthusiast seeking to challenge yourself further, or an experienced athlete striving for peak performance, we've got you covered.

Some of our fitness program goals include:

  • Strength Building: Designed to help you increase muscle mass and overall strength.
  • Weight Loss: Focused on shedding unwanted pounds and enhancing your fitness.
  • Endurance Training: Geared toward improving cardiovascular fitness and stamina.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Emphasizing stretching and movement to enhance flexibility.
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): Offering efficient, intense workouts for quick results.

Rest assured, our programs are structured to align with your specific goals and are adaptable to your experience level. We're here to support you in achieving the results you desire, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Do I need to purchase equipment to workout with you?

No, you don't need to make a big investment in equipment to get started with Altum Fitness. Our goal is to make fitness accessible and adaptable to your individual circumstances, so you can begin your fitness journey without the need for an extensive equipment collection.

While some of our programs may incorporate various fitness equipment, we offer workout programs designed for those with minimal equipment, such as a set of dumbbells.

Additionally, within each program, we provide alternative exercises and options, ensuring that you can choose exercises that align with your comfort level and accessibility. 

Altum Fitness is all about meeting you where you are and helping you progress toward your fitness goals in a way that works for you.

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