"Let It Go" Series: Part Two | Are You Struggling with Control? - Jesse Carrajat

Do you find yourself constantly trying to micromanage every aspect of your life? Dive into Part 2 of our transformative 6-part series, "Let It Go: A Guide to Living Present in 2024.”

Whether you're dealing with anxiety, seeking predictability in an unpredictable world, or simply curious about your own control tendencies, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice to help break the grip of control on your life.

Join Altum Fitness founder Jesse Carrajat, a US Marine Veteran and former healthcare executive turned health coach & fitness trainer, as he delves deep into the psychology of control. Learn about the different types of control, why some individuals seek it more than others, and the underlying psychological issues that fuel this desire. With personal anecdotes, clinical insights, and actionable steps, this is a must listen for anyone looking to break free from the confines of control and embrace the joy of living in the present.


- Control can have a negative impact on our lives, relationships, and overall well-being.

- Recognizing control issues is the first step towards breaking free from their grip.

- Causes of control issues include trauma, psychological disorders, and low self-esteem.

- Strategies for letting go of control include mindfulness, breath work, time management techniques, and therapy.


00:00 - Introduction

00:30 - Part 2 of the Series: Obsessed with Control

09:55 - Causes of Control Issues

24:25 - Next Steps: Letting Go of Control

25:22 - Conclusion

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