"Let It Go" Series | Part 3: Break the Chains of Control - Jesse Carrajat

Are you tired of the constant battle to micromanage every detail of your life? Do you feel like your need for control is actually controlling you? In Part 3 of our transformative "Let it Go" series, "Breaking the Chains of Control," we delve deep into the heart of our compulsion for control and lay out a roadmap for reclaiming your freedom and peace of mind.

Control is a deceptive master, promising security and success but often leading to stress, burnout, and a life lived in shades of worry. This episode challenges the belief that control is the key to happiness and instead introduces you to the liberating power of letting go. Through a blend of personal insights, psychological research, and actionable strategies, we guide you on a journey to loosen the grip of control and open the door to a more serene and fulfilling life.

Don't miss this pivotal episode in our "Let it Go" series. Tune in to "Breaking the Chains of Control" and start your journey towards a life defined by freedom, not fear. Share this episode with anyone who's ready to challenge the status quo of control and embrace the beauty of letting life unfold.


- Control is an illusion that leads to stress and dissatisfaction.

- Focus on the things you can control, such as your response to life and your attitudes.

- Practice mindfulness to be present in the moment and reduce the urge to control.

- Journaling and gratitude can help shift your mindset from lack to abundance.

- Limit technology use to avoid being consumed by the need to control.

- Consider therapy to explore underlying issues and develop healthy coping strategies.


00:00 - Introduction and Series Recap

02:56 - The Illusion of Control

06:18 - Ways to Break Free from Control

08:41 - Self-Assessment and Mindfulness

11:08 - Journaling and Gratitude

21:30 - Consider Therapy

23:18 - Upcoming Episodes and Conclusion

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