Let It Go: A Guide to Living Present in 2024 | Part 1: Introduction - Jesse Carrajat | #12

Is your desire to control the outcome of your life wreaking havoc on your ability to find joy and stillness? Are you missing out on life's most precious moments due to anxiety or fixation on the future?If so, chances are your desire for CONTROL is crippling your ability to be PRESENT.

We've been there, and we're here to help.

Welcome to our new 6-part mini-series, "Let it Go: A Guide to Living Present in 2024."

In this first episode, we introduce the vicious Control/Release cycle; a chronic existence that so many overworked, over- stimulated, and over-stressed Americans find themselves in today. We introduce 3 key questions to help you identify if Control plays a detrimental role in YOUR life, and then offer 4 practical tips to start breaking free from the cycle NOW.

Stay with us throughout the series and let us guide you toward a future of accepting uncertainty, embracing imperfection, and hopefully, finally finding presence.


- Letting go of the need to control can lead to greater happiness and well-being.

- Living in a chronic state of urgency and fixating on the past or future are signs of being trapped in a cycle of control and release.

- Engaging in disassociated behaviors, such as excessive use of digital media, can be a coping mechanism for feeling out of control.

- Practical steps to break free from the cycle of control include a digital detox, regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and expressing gratitude.


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03:14 - The Importance of Going Deeper in Fitness

08:57 - Breaking Free from Control

10:25 - Understanding Control and Its Impact on Life

11:23 - The Relationship Between Control and Presence

13:20 - The Obsession with Control

14:42 - The Control/Release Cycle

17:01 - The Solution: Letting Go

19:48 - 3 Signs You Struggle with Control

24:33 - 4 Steps to Break Free from Control

29:12 - Next Episode: Are You Obsessed with Control?

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