Alcoholism, breaking free, and the role of self-love? - Justin Maziarz | Live Fit Break Free 1

Episode 1: Justin Maziarz: Alcoholism, breaking free, and the role of self-love?

Justin Maziarz (MAY-Zarz...and he will correct you) is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing leader, certified fitness trainer, family man, and all around great guy.  Justin joins Live Fit Break Free to unpack his fascinating origin story; from collegiate athlete, newly wed, and successful marketer, to intensive inpatient alcohol treatment, multiple relapses, and finally finding freedom from alcohol through family, friendship, faith, and fitness.

In this episode, Justin shares his journey of addiction and recovery. He discusses his upbringing in a loving family and his early experiences with alcohol and other substances. Justin opens up about his struggles with anxiety and how it led to a pattern of binge drinking. He recounts the events that led to his rock bottom moment and his decision to seek help. Justin shares his experiences in rehab and the importance of step work in his recovery. He emphasizes the role of community, communication, and self-forgiveness in maintaining sobriety. Justin concludes by expressing his desire to help others and change the stigma around addiction. In this conversation, Jesse and Justin discuss the launch of Altum Fitness and its significance in their sobriety journeys. They express their excitement about reaching and helping others through this venture. The impact they have already had is a source of motivation and sobriety for both of them. They emphasize the importance of sharing their experiences and supporting others in their recovery. The conversation concludes with words of encouragement and gratitude.


- Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their upbringing or family life.

- Seeking help and being open to treatment is crucial in overcoming addiction.

- Recovery is a journey that requires ongoing effort and self-reflection.

- Building a supportive community and practicing open communication are key to maintaining sobriety.

- Launching Altum Fitness is a significant milestone in Jesse and Justin's sobriety journeys.

- The opportunity to help others and make a difference is a gift from God.

- Sharing their experiences and supporting others in recovery is essential for maintaining sobriety.

- One piece of advice for anyone struggling with addiction is to reach out to someone for support.