Consequences of Habit, Deep vs. Surface Habits, and Breaking Free - JT Frank | Live Fit Break Free 8

Social media, substances, work, streaming, pornography…pick your poison.  The frequency and intensity in which humans disconnect, or disassociate, from the speed and stress of everyday life is unprecedented, and growing worse each year.  If left unchecked, these tendencies become deeply embedded habits that chronically steal our attention and rob us of the ability to live meaningful, healthy lives in connection with ourselves, and others.

How do we break free from these habits?

JT Frank, founder of ⁠Consequence of Habit⁠ (COH) and host of the COH Podcast, joined the #LiveFitBreakFree podcast to help answer this pivotal question.

We discuss the formation and infestation of habits in our lives, how they impact us, and explore actionable steps to break free from addictions and harmful habits.  We also discuss the commoditization of human attention, and the importance of finding presence as a daily practice.

In addition to founding COH, JT is a United States Air Force veteran, proud father of 3, and ambassador of Athletic Brewing Company.

COH is a certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities by bringing awareness to the impact habits have on our mental health, success and the environment.

You can learn more about COH and support their mission here: ⁠https://www.consequenceofhabit.org/⁠

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(01:39.05) JT: "This is about that time, right? When New Year's resolutions start dissolving a little bit. So mine isn't like a set habit."

(03:14.638) JT: "I get wrapped up in... I started an organization and it's just mixed, right? So it's a nonprofit, but there's different sides, as you know, of any company."

(05:37.425) Jesse Carrajat: "Seneca, most people know Seneca, true happiness is to enjoy the present without anxious dependence on the future."

(10:23.426) JT: "Our mission statement is to bring awareness to the impact that habits have on our mental health, success, and the environment."

(12:33.974) JT: "I stopped drinking and a lot of things in my life got way better, like I had less drama, I felt more authentic as a father, as a husband and as an employee."

(14:58.19) JT: "I had an idea of what I am as a man, and I project that out to the world. That doesn't necessarily mean that's how I feel about myself."

(17:41.977) Jesse Carrajat: "When I think about my life...I felt completely propped up by things I was using to disconnect or disassociate from life."

(20:53.366) JT: "It can be almost a form of... I don't know if cowardice is the right word, but, but just like stand up. How do you say it? It's just like grow up, man. Grow up and be okay with sitting with this."

(23:53.945) Jesse Carrajat: "Authenticity...it's in that family of words that we all desire, right? Like consistency, integrity, right? Like things where you are who you are through and through no matter the circumstances."

(31:52.106) JT: "The consequences of habits...Some people, it's work. It's accepted, people look at it and they go, what's the consequences? Well, it made a lot of money. Like that's not bad. That doesn't mean it's not destructive."

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