Veterans Are Suffering: Is Non-Narcotic Care the Key to Healing Our Warriors? - Chase Zajc | #10

6,392 US Veterans died by suicide in 2021. Read that again. Slow down, and read it again. And again.⁠ ⁠Read it until it fully registers.⁠⁠

One Veteran suicide is one too many. Yet, everyday 17 US Veterans take their own life, and it's only getting worse. Coinciding with this heartbreaking trend are increases in the reported prevalence rates of alcohol use, anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness, financial concerns, and homelessness.

Who is doing something about this?

There are incredible organizations across the country answering the call for help.  Healing Warriors, a Colorado-based non-profit providing non-narcotic therapies to Veterans and their families, AT NO COST, is one such organization answering that call.

Chase Zajc, Executive Director of Healing Warriors, joined the Live Deep podcast to discuss how his organization is fighting to realize their vision of a "suicide free world where all veterans and their families thrive."

Chase outlined Healing Warriors four-pillar approach: Strengthening Access and Delivery of Care, Coping Tools, Resourcing and Promoting Connectedness, and how the impact of their care extends beyond the individual veteran to their families.

You are encouraged to learn more about Healing Warriors, and donate to their organization, at ⁠www.healingwarriorsprogram.org⁠

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If you are a Veteran feeling hopeless, experiencing an emotional crisis, or simply need help finding care, please call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Press 1 for Veterans. Know that you are loved, and there are countless Americans across the country waiting for the opportunity to support you.

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We discussed:

03:01 - Overview of Healing Warriors

10:13 - Unique Approach to Treating Veterans

12:09 - Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, and other Alternative Methods for Healing

19:26 - Collaboration with other organizations

25:27 - Hesitancy and Skepticism in the Veteran Community

29:03 - Suicide Rates among Veterans/Contributing factors

41:47 - The First Year of Transition for Veterans

49:24 - The Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Suicide Prevention Grant

55:34 - The Four Pillars of Healing Warriors

01:01:18 - The Story of a Young Boy

01:01:54 - The Future of Healing Warriors

01:02:42 - How we can Support Healing Warriors

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