Is Moderate Drinking Really “BS"? Would You Be Happier Sober? | Veronica Valli of Soberful


“Moderate drinking is bullsh*t."  Veronica Valli has clear direction for anyone wrestling with alcohol, and she doesn’t mince words……just STOP.

With over 20 years of sobriety and 17 years guiding others as an expert recovery coach, psychotherapist, author, and popular sobriety leader and influencer, Veronica brings unmatched insight into the fight against alcohol abuse.

This conversation isn't just about alcohol abuse within the individual; it's about confronting the societal and cultural pressures that glorify drinking, understanding the intertwined role of mental health, and embarking on a journey to reclaim your life. Veronica shares her personal story, professional experiences, and practical tips for those seeking to break free from alcohol's grip.  And yes, per Veronica, moderate drinking is absolute “bullsh*t.”  

Whether you're wrestling with your own drinking habits or curious ‘for a friend’, this episode offers a compelling blend of expert advice, compassionate understanding, and actionable steps towards sobriety. Join us for a candid discussion that goes beyond the bottle, where we delve into the heart of addiction, recovery, and living a life of deep purpose, fulfillment, and presence.

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- Alcohol is often a symptom of underlying issues and is used to outsource the management of emotions and feelings.

- Sobriety is a journey of learning how to navigate life without relying on alcohol.

- The societal belief system that promotes alcohol as a solution for fun, relaxation, and connection is deeply ingrained.

- Sobriety allows for a deeper sense of presence, joy, and authenticity in life. Sobriety offers an expansive life filled with growth and opportunities for personal development.

- Effort and responsibility are essential in maintaining sobriety and creating the experience we want to have.

- Finding community and engaging in personal development programs can provide support and guidance on the journey of sobriety.

- Environmental changes, such as removing alcohol from the home and finding alternative rewards, can help navigate triggers and cravings.

- Replacing alcohol with other substances or behaviors does not address the underlying issues and disconnects us from fully experiencing life.

- Gratitude for sobriety and the ability to be fully present and connected to oneself is a powerful mindset to cultivate.


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