Healing Subconscious Trauma, Self Forgiveness, & Discovering Identity - Elise Micheals | Live Deep 9

Has unaddressed trauma been insidiously lurking beneath your consciousness, sabotaging relationships and stealing moments of joy from your life?  How can we identify, confront, and start the intentional process of healing trauma, moving away from bondage, and toward emotional freedom?  What does it mean to find a “new identity,” and is it worth the effort? (hint: YES!)

We tackle these pivotal questions and more on episode 9 of Live Deep with renowned Men’s Mindset &  Mental Health Coach and cultural influencer Elise Micheals. (@EliseMicheals )

This is NOT your typical Q&A.  Jesse and Elise intentionally sat down for an actual coaching session in a "reality" format.  With Elise guiding the way and Jesse bearing all, you’re in for a touching, emotional, and rewarding experience that we hope brings value to your life…as it did for us.

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05:22 - Common Themes in Men's Struggles

07:53 - Understanding Subconscious Trauma

09:45 - The Impact of Trauma on Patterns and Safety

11:48 - The Influence of Childhood Experiences

14:21 - The Role of Parents in Shaping Behavior

20:14 - Breaking Free from Past Paradigms

25:05 - Giving Yourself Grace and Forgiveness

35:00 - Taking Responsibility and Moving Forward

37:53 - Applying Parenting Approaches to Inner Child

38:57 - Neural Pathways and Habit Change

42:28 - Starting the Process of Change

43:11 - The Process of Healing

45:25 - Creating an Identity Shift

50:36 - The Three Steps to Rewiring Habits

53:30 - Understanding Fight Cycles in Relationships

58:19 - Attachment Styles in Relationships

01:02:57 - Moving Towards Secure Attachment

01:05:09 - Practical Steps for Personal Growth

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