Stop Overthinking Fitness & Skip the Fads: Get Back-to-Basics and GROW in 2024. - Dr. Rand Michael | #11

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by fitness options and information on the internet?  Frustrated by confusing trends and fads that seem to contradict each other?  Not sure where to start?

We feel your pain, and Dr. Rand Michael is here to help.

ED trauma physician/USAF Officer by trade, Strength & Conditioning Coach by passion, Dr. Michael knows MORE than a thing or two about training and evidence based research.In episode 11 of the #LiveDeep podcast, Dr. Michael dispels fiction/feelings and carefully communicates the current facts around resistance training, endurance training, healthy habits, and how to craft a lifestyle that supports fitness goals.  The takeaway; don't over-complicate training and stick to the basics for sustainable growth.

Amongst many topics, we discussed stigmas surrounding squatting, optimal fitness training routines and volumes, optimal endurance training, healthy mindset and habits, balancing a busy schedule, and the intersections of faith, family, and fitness.

Key Takeaways

- Alternate between strength and endurance seasons in your fitness routine.

- Consider individual preferences and goals when designing a training program.

- Modify exercises and listen to your body to prevent injuries.

- Include at least two resistance training sessions per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each.

- Incorporate zone 2 cardio into your fitness routine for overall health and longevity.

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03:48 - Current Fitness Routine

09:16 - Definition of Strength Training

12:38 - Addressing Injuries and Modifying Exercises

18:08 - Strength Training Recommendations

21:39 - Strength Training Programming

25:35 - Endurance Training and Goals

32:20 - Seasonal Training Approach

35:08 - Maintenance Endurance Training

37:31 - Zone 2 Cardio and Heart Rate

38:49 - Benefits of Zone 2 Cardio

39:27 - The Importance of Low Intensity Aerobic Cardio

41:11 - Finding Time for Zone 2 Cardio

43:22 - Tips for Endurance Training

46:42 - Balancing Resistance Training and Endurance Training

49:41 - Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle

55:51 - Creating Rhythms and Habits

58:48 - Flexibility in Training Time

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