Rewire Your Brain to Beat Alcohol | Chris Norris: "Cognitive Fitness Coach

Chris Norris, aka the "Cognitive Fitness Coach," is a retired Navy Special Operations Veteran, Master Social Worker, mindfulness-based intervention specialist, addiction recovery coach, meditation/breathwork specialist, podcast host, and Ultrarunner.

At the time of this recording, Chris was 17 years alcohol & substance free. We discussed his struggles with mental health, substance abuse, and finding purpose in life. We also explored various recovery pathways he has experienced, including Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Recovery Dharma.

We concluded with Chris emphasizing the need to regulate the nervous system and develop a toolkit of practices, including meditation, breathwork, and physical exercise. He also highlights the importance of cognitive restructuring and challenging negative core beliefs.

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  • Challenges, purpose, and connection are important for fulfillment and happiness.
  • Military missions have a sense of purpose and a no-fail mindset, leading to deep connections with teammates.
  • Committing to sobriety requires a moment of clarity and a strong commitment to never drinking again.
  • There are different recovery pathways available, including Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Recovery Dharma.
  • It is important to try different approaches and find what works for each individual.
  • Starting and embracing change is the hardest part, but it is necessary for personal growth and recovery.
  • Addressing underlying conditions and beliefs is crucial in addiction recovery.
  • Regulating the nervous system through practices like meditation, breathwork, and physical exercise is essential for healing.
  • Cognitive restructuring and challenging negative core beliefs can lead to positive change.
  • Chris Norris offers his services as a cognitive fitness coach, particularly for veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers.


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