Finding Meaning, Healing Trauma, and Good vs. Bad Ego? - Benoit Kim | Live Fit Break Free 7

How do we find "meaning" in life, and what does "meaning" even mean? Are we pursuing meaning based on our OWN wants/needs/desires, or what others instilled in us? Could our unhealthy ego be dictating our life, instead of our "good ego"?

All thought provoking questions we explored with the mighty Benoit Kim on episode 7 of the Live Fit Break Free podcast.

Benoit Kim is a US Army veteran, Penn-educated former policy maker turned psychotherapist, and host of the Discover More podcast. His show is #1 in all independent science podcasts, #16 overall in all science podcasts, and a rising show on the Apple Podcasts top 100 in 2024.

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(03:44.022): "In America, we put productivity and self-worth on a pedestal through the lens of prestige or accolades... I lived in this paradigm of achievements over all things."

(08:53.514): "Unless you've been confronted with meaningless activities, you don't realize what's meaningful... Without addiction, recovery means nothing."

(15:56.05): "True seeking and finding your inner truth requires sacrifice. But the question is, is it worth living a life knowing it's not the life you designed for yourself?"

(19:14.134): "All worthy lives, all worthy pursuits in life, including seeking meaning, requires great effort."

(25:34.506): "Ego is not a bad thing... It serves a purpose and a function. I believe grief is a price we pay to experience love."

(32:50.314): "Words are cheap, but your behavior patterns will not lie to you. That's the behavior gap analysis."

(42:48.17): "Parents are just older children having children for the first time."

(51:39.406): "Veterans... they're very lonely, very, very lonely. Loneliness is their number one struggle, and number two is substance abuse or addiction to cover up the fact that they're lonely."

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