Are You a Gray Area Drinker? | Deb Masner of The Alcohol Tipping Point

Deb Masner, RN, NBC-HWC, is the host of the highly rated Alcohol Tipping Point podcast. She holds dual degrees in psychology and nursing and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach who has dedicated her professional life to helping others "practice not drinking" and improving their lives.

Deb has a unique, open-minded, and inviting approach to alcohol healing and community building, pivoting from the label of "alcoholic" and instead using terms such as alcohol "misuse" and "gray area drinking;" the space between the extremes of rock-bottom and casual drinking.

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  • Justifying Drinking and Fear of Alcoholism
  • Recognizing Alcohol's Negative Impact
  • Gray Area Drinking and Alcohol Misuse
  • The Shift to Person-First Language
  • Exploring the Spectrum of Alcohol Use Disorder
  • The Journey to Changing Drinking Habits
  • Empowerment through Responsibility and Choice
  • Identity Shift and Embracing Sobriety-
  • You Are Enough & other Mantras
  • Accessibility and Affordability in Sobriety Support
  • Kindness and Compassion in the Journey to Sobriety
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A master-class in physical and emotional development through the lens of sobriety and fitness. Hosted by fitness coach, mental health evangelist, and USMC veteran Jesse Carrajat, this podcast dives deep with leading experts and thought leaders to explore the transformative power of fitness, sobriety, and mindful living.

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