Alcohol, Zombie Scrolling, & Other Ways We Escape | "Let It Go" Part 4

Are you numbing the noise of life with a glass in hand or endlessly scrolling through your phone? Uncover the reality behind our modern escapes in Part 4 of the riveting 6-part series, "Let It Go: A Guide to Living Present in 2024."

In a world where disconnection has become the norm, we often find ourselves seeking solace in alcohol, social media, and other forms of detachment. But what are these habits truly costing us?

Dive deep into the allure of these escape routes with Altum Fitness founder Jesse Carrajat, a US Marine Veteran and former healthcare executive turned dedicated health coach/fitness trainer, as he explores the intricate dance between seeking relief and fostering dependency.

This episode takes a hard look at the mechanisms of 'Zombie Scrolling' on social media, the pitfalls of alcohol as a stress reliever, and other common yet overlooked ways we disconnect from our reality. Discover the profound impact these behaviors have on our mental and physical health, backed by scientific insights and Jesse's personal journey towards mindfulness and presence. Featuring compelling anecdotes, the latest in brain science, and actionable advice, this episode is an essential guide for anyone ready to challenge their habits of detachment and cultivate healthier, more mindful ways of coping with life's stresses.


- Unhealthy escape mechanisms, such as alcohol, excessive screen time, comfort eating, and lashing out, can become addictive and have negative effects on relationships and well-being.

- It is important to be mindful of the impact of these escape mechanisms on our lives and to seek healthier ways to cope with pressure.

- Connecting with ourselves through mindfulness and meditation, as well as connecting with others through social activities and relationships, can be powerful alternatives to consuming and escaping.

- By choosing healthy coping mechanisms, we can experience growth and freedom from unhealthy habits and mindsets.


00:56 - Control and Release recap

09:26 - Healthy Ways to Cope with Pressure

10:25 - Alcohol and Substance Abuse

11:32 - Excessive Screen Time and Digital Consumption

16:21 - Comfort Eating

22:18 - Identifying Unhealthy Escape Mechanisms

25:41 - Healthy Ways to Cope: Connect

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