From Addicted Street Artist to Celebrity Portrait Painter | David Blanch of Blest Design, Episode 28

David Blanch, aka Blest Design, is a renowned artist, content creator, and sought-after celebrity portrait painter.  With a mission to use his “God-given talent to spread joy and beauty to every corner of the world,” David’s artwork can be found across thousands of American households, and his murals are spread across dozens of American landscapes.  

David spent much of his life addicted to alcohol and other substances while calling various rehabs, halfway houses, and even prison, his home.  Despite his dire circumstances and hardships, his artistry was always a constant.  After over a decade under-the-influence and experiencing his own version of a rock-bottom, David leaned into faith, fitness, and his family to turn his life around.  Today, David will tell you that he is truly living a “blest” life.

  • Explore David's artwork ⁠here⁠: https://blestdesign.co/
  • Follow David on Instagram ⁠here⁠: https://www.instagram.com/blestdesign/
  • The journey of overcoming addiction and mental illness, including struggles with alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications.
  • The importance of finding healthy coping mechanisms and the challenges of getting sober.
  • Kava and Kratom as alternative substances and the potential for abuse.
  • The need for more alcohol alternatives and support for people who choose not to drink in social settings.
  • Sobriety requires time and effort to heal and rewire the brain.
  • Faith and fitness can play a significant role in maintaining sobriety and improving mental health.
  • Being sober is about reconnecting with one's authentic self and living a life free from substances that alter the mind.
  • Working on oneself and striving to be the best version is essential for long-term recovery.
  • Finding purpose and using one's gifts to bring joy to others can be incredibly fulfilling.
  • Don't give up, be patient with yourself, and have faith that change is possible.
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